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Get your Kid Excited about discovering something new everyday and fun time with other kids

About Deacons

All our Place have better Indoor play area, art studio and much more, Our Program ensure that children in our care everywhere have access to the highest quality of international education every parent can give a ward. We take proper care of your ward and make them feel just like they are at home with their biological parents.

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What makes us different from other Schools.


We are very much aware about the best training every child deserves. And that is exactly what we deliver.

Nature-Based Learning

We do not teach theory lessons alone. We add practical based learning to our curriculum.

God fearing

We instill God fearing training into our learners and make sure that they stick to it in all their doings even after leaving our school.

The key to happiness is to make others happy. As a God fearing mother, entrusting your ward into our care is the best legacy you can give your child, because we will train your ward the way you want them to be trained.
madam Janet .
About us

Our Staff

Madam Obiri Yeboah Janet.


Michael Owusu

Math Teacher

Abigail Osei

English Teacher